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Our services:


Real Estate Broker representing the Seller or Buyer of real estate; acts as  an intermediary in the sale of real estate properties; 

      For the SELLER:  

  • facilitates and assists the property owner to find a Buyer  who will buy the property  at the right price in the shortest possible time;   prepares the documents needed in the real estate transactions; provides the leg work in transferring the title into the name of its new owner;    

      For the BUYER:  

  • facilitates and assists the Buyer in looking for a property of his preference; checks the genuineness of the title (title search); assists in  making an offer to buy;  provides the buyer with information as to the prevailing prices in a given area;  assists on the approval of real estate loan.


 Real Estate  Appraiser - provides real estate vauation/appraisal of:

  • Land
  • Building
  • Plant Machinery & Equipment
  • Furniture & Office Equipment
  • Land & Water Transportation Equipment
  • Valuation Of Intangible Assets
  • Business Enterprise
  • Shares of Stock
  • Intangible properties
  • Historic properties

For its market value, lease value, insurance value, liquidation value and investment value.

A requirement in:

  • Sale
  • Acquisition
  • Financing
  • Dacion en Pago
  • Merger
  • Joint Venture
  • Insurance
  • Accounting
  • Compliance with SEC
  • Immigration
  • Litigation (i.e. Judicial Settlement/Estate Partitioning)
  • Expropriation/ Just Compensation
  • Swapping


LEGAL PROBLEMS - judicial settlement or extra judicial settlement  

SURVEYING - relocation, plotting of title, title search, subdivision into smaller lots, etc


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